• Design : cylinder; material : stone. Cylinder diameter: 2.1 cm; air tube port outer dia : 4mm. Dimensions : 4 inch color : multicolor. Weight : 60g; package : 5 pcs air stone
  • Fit for freshwater, saltwater aquarium and hyonic use. Widely used to increase the dissolved oxygen level in the aquarium.
  • Air stones allow the aquarium to create beautiful walls of bubbles that not only look good, but also help aerate and circulate the water.
  • Instantly create a great deal of tiny bubbles that your fish will love. Creating a dramatic and funning mist of healthful bubbles in your aquarium.
  • Evenly distributes fine bubbles through a super-porous, non-clogging wand. The bubble wall air diffuser makes a great addition to any aquarium and will add great movement to your tank. It is an important instrument to successfully keep aquatic fish for respiration process.

Venus Aqua 4 Inch Multicolor Air Stone Bubble Diffuser Aquarium Air Stones Pack

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