• Each Gram of Everfesh Pro Contains Bacilllus Subtilis, Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus Megaterium, Bacillus Pumilis of Total 15 Billion CFU/gm with other Enzymes and Active Ingredients. Based on Indonesian Technology.
  • Put 500gm per 10000 liters Tank for Speed Flocculation. Fastly Utilizes Nitrogenous Wastes, Organic Sludge and Synthesizes Bio Available Protein in Biofloc Systems.
  • Improves Water Quality, Growth Parameters, Floc Composition for Better Weight gains. Also works in Bottom of the Tank.
  • Several Tanks Noticed Everfresh-Pro Helps in Reduction of Total Vibrio Count and Opportunistic Pathogenic Bacteria.
  • If you are Aiming High Tonnage in Minimum Area, Everfresh-Pro Supports You Like No Other.

Everfresh Pro 500 GM - Aqua Probiotics, Multi Strain Probiotic 15b CFU/gm

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