HVAC Standard Societies and Abbreviations Directory

Updated: Jan 12

1. ASHRAE - American Society Of Heating, Refrigeration And Air Conditioning

Engineers (standard society for HVAC design)

2. ISHRAE - Indian Society Of Heating, Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Engineers

3. SMACNA - Sheet Metal And Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association. (Duct design US based. Standard society for duct designing, installation and drafting)

4. DW 144 - Duct Work 144 (144 is a section)

5. IS - Indian Standards

6. ARI - Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Institute(standard society for

machine performance and standards- same like ISO)

7. ASTM - American Society For Testing And Materials (standard society for

metals and materials)

8. CIBSE- charted institute of building services engineers (UK STANDARDS)

9. DEWA - Dubai electricity & water authority

10. Qatar kharamaa

11. RC - Royal commission

12. LEED – Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design

13. USGBC - United States Green Building Concepts

14. IGBC - Indian Green Building Concepts

15. CARRIER Air conditioning - The first industry in the field of air conditioning

16. Green Building - A green building is one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants as compared to a conventional building.


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